IRIS is the unit that offers services, tools and resources for international relational challenges of organizations, and develops the Relational Evolution Model in multicultural and multilinguistic arenas.


IRIS recognizes the value of coexistence between diverse cultures and people and, through listening, builds relationship models in which there is ample space for the integration of singularities and the common amount:


We facilitate transformation processes in private, public and social international organizations, building and generating relational models based in the legitimate recognition of every person and in intercultural integration.


We provide tools that improve and balance the interaction in international teams, from different cultures or different countries. We strengthen cohesion and relational quality for them to reach their goals.


We offer personal accompaniment and provide methodology for a more fluent integration and softer adaptation of persons in process of repatriation or impatriation, mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures.


(Intercultural Relational Integration
in the System)

It is based on two methodological models, the Relational Evolution Model and the Global Dexterity Model, and is deployed through concrete tools that allow the development of capacities and skills for interculturality. It focuses on evolution and relational flexibility and seeks the value of diversity.

IRIS-1 is a methodological proposal for the accompaniment of people, teams and organizations in processes of cultural integration facilitating awareness, understanding and adaptation.

Relational Quality and Evolution

Its purpose is to accompany people and organizations to understand how the relational model is generated and how to improve the quality of the relationships that are generated amongst people, teams, and organizations.

This program is aimed at functional and operational managers, and at anyone interested in learning about understanding, building and managing relations.

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